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TargetZERO is a group of people and companies aimed to promote the ZLD Technology for Waste Water treatment.
*ZLD = zero liquid discharge = Zero discharge on receiving body of water (Rivers, lakes, Sea, Ground and Underground)
TargetZero TargetZero was established by people and companies interested in water treatment, the prevention of pollution and protection of water resources. We see the ZLD as a final solution to the waste water problem.
We believe we are able to ensure the maximum protection of the interests of both the business and the environment in harmony. And in the spirit of protecting businesses and the environment TargetZero encourages innovative solutions in energy saving and reuse of energy and by-products.
water treatment
Innovative solutions
Impianto ZLD
TargetZero gathers the best innovative solutions to realize highly reliable ZLD plants, capable to treat every kind of water.

The plants are customized based on three main aspects:

  • Quality of Water to be Treated
  • Energy Issue in Situ
  • Waste to obtain characteristics
TargetZero works with the most experienced "traditional" desalination plant supplier in the world, achieving the mastery of pretreatment and RO technology and the know-how of a new low-consumption evaporation system.
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